PrimeSet - Crystal Diamond Pearl Necklace

Add A Touch Of Class And Sophistication To Your Outfit

Are you looking for something elegant to wear during weddings or important events? The ever so fashionable PrimeSet will make your neck glisten and shine.

The PrimeSet is sure to complete your look whether you're wearing a cocktail dress or a gown. It's not just for formal events, but you can also use it to dress your regular t-shirt or jeans!

Key Benefits

Quality Jewelry - The PrimeSet is made with durable zinc Alloy that ensures lasting quality and beauty. The gold finish and pearl design will not fade away even with daily use.

Stylish Design - The PrimeSet comes with gold plated zinc alloy and embedded crystals that make it shimmer. The main feature of the set is its teardrop pearl design that gives you a first-class look.

For Any Occasion - This jewelry set adds elegance and opulence to every outfit. It's your go-to set to wear during weddings, work events, or even dinners at home!

Perfect Gift - Gift this outstanding set to your loved ones and friends on a special day. The PrimeSet will surely complement their outfits and will always make them look chic.