Personalized for Love Double Heart Birthstone Promise Ring


We has a great assortment of high-quality promise rings that are great for showing a special bond and devotion. 
The surfaces have been beautifully polished so that the shine that comes off of them is strong and brilliant. 
Some of these styles have even been inlaid with high quality crystals for an extra touch of sparkle. 


Product Details

  • Made of high-quality silver material, corrosion-resistant, plated not easy to oxidize
  • Super high texture, light weight, bright colors, there are two heart-shaped diamonds inlaid
  • 12 color birthstones are available, each color represents a different meaning
  • Multiple sizes available, choose normal size according to finger size
  • Suitable for all occasions, it is a very good choice to match with shirts and T-shirts
  • Feel free to DIY your text on the ring, perfect gift for Valentine's Day, anniversaries
  • Free design online. Dropshipping. No minimum


Design & Care Tips

  • Avoid chemicals and cosmetics
  • Sealed stored when not wearing


Size Guide

  • US 3(Inner diameter 14.1mm)  US 3.5(Inner diameter 14.6mm)
  • US 4(Inner diameter 15.0mm)  US 4.5(Inner diameter 15.4mm)
  • US 5(Inner diameter 15.8mm)  US 5.5(Inner diameter 16.2mm)
  • US 6(Inner diameter 16.6mm)  US 6.5(Inner diameter 17.0mm)
  • US 7(Inner diameter 17.4mm)  US 7.5(Inner diameter 17.8mm)
  • US 8(Inner diameter 18.2mm)  US 8.5(Inner diameter 18.7mm)
  • US 9(Inner diameter 19.1mm)  US 9.5(Inner diameter 19.5mm)
  • US 10(Inner diameter 19.9mm)   US 10.5(Inner diameter 20.3mm)
  • US 11(Inner diameter 20.7mm)   US 11.5(Inner diameter 21.1mm)
  • US 12(Inner diameter 21.5mm)   US 12.5(Inner diameter 21.9mm)
  • US 13(Inner diameter 22.3mm)